Faculty book buybacks in 4 easy steps.
There's cash in your books!

There's cash in your books!
  1. Find your textbooks on our site

    Search our database of over 1 million books to find the exact title, author, and edition of the book that you would like to sell. For the most accurate search results, we recommend searching by the ISBN number.

  2. Accept our generous cash book buyback offer

    After you find the book you would like to sell, you will see a "buyback price." Select the edition and condition of the book and click "add to buyback order" to accept the offer.

  3. Ship buyback books

    Once you've completed the buyback order, you will be provided with a free and trackable FedEx shipping label. Pack your buyback books securely (see buyback packing tips) and ship them promptly for the fastest turnaround time.

  4. Receive rapid payment!

    Your payment will be processed within 48 hours of the receipt of your books. We offer two payment options: Check or PayPal. PayPal payments are instant! It's the fastest and easiest way to get paid. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can create a free PayPal account. Should you opt for a paper check, it will arrive within 1-5 days.

Free boxes and packing supplies

To request a free shipment of boxes and packing materials for your buyback shipment, visit faculty book buyback box request. For your first shipment we'll send you a variety of sizes. For future shipments you can choose which box sizes you'd like. Your boxes and packing materials will arrive within one week.

Still have questions about online book buybacks?

Visit our book buyback frequently asked questions for an in-depth explanation of the entire online buyback process.